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A l'aube du quatrième jour

Victoria's first professional play, this story is inspired by her grandparents' love story in ex-USSR. It won a short play contest from the Theatre 2.21 in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2016 and was performed for outdoor theatre festivals.

This is the story of two young people who met in Ukraine in the 1950s. On the dawn of the fourth day (à l'aube du quatrième jour), he asked her to marry him. And they have been in love ever since. This is the story told to a granddaughter, and details shift and alter because it is a story told from memory and the haze of love and the joy of storytelling.

Pictures credits: Julien James Auzan, Zouber Zebad

Cast & Creatives


Writer & Director Victoria Gartner

Cast 2.21 Noémy Menyhart, Julie Dayer, Erih Ahmetaj Music & Songs Baptiste Mayoraz

Cast Forêt Fribourg Noémy Menyhart, Léa Fanchon, Joël Hefti Music Colas Weber

Lyrical singing Léa Fanchon

Special thanks to Théâtre 2.21 Lausanne, Association Tulalu?!, Emmanuel Dorand

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