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Bard in the Yard is a project that brings William Shakespeare, stuck for inspiration in the plague quarantine of 1605, straight to your garden.

Dame Helen Mirren is the Godmother of the project.

Bard in the Yard was imagined as a response to the Covid-19 epidemic. Victoria Gartner wrote and directed the two plays of the project: King Leonardo, in which William Shakespeare is trying to write King Lear, and a new piece in 2021: The Scottish Play. This time, the Bard is helplessly trying to compose Macbeth in the midst of yet another year of plague lockdown. Bard in the Yard is available throughout UK and Scotland.

“Bard in the Yard is a simply wonderful project which brings Shakespeare to everyone, delivering humanity, connection and inspiration just when we need it the most. If you’re looking for an unforgettable theatrical experience, I highly recommend it.” Dame Helen Mirren, Godmother of Bard in the Yard

“In the script, Gartner toys smartly with the parallels between our two plagues, riffing on lockdown hobbies and comparing theatres’ competition with Netflix to the enticing thrill of bear-baiting.” The Guardian


“Funny and moving, not to mention immersive” The Independent

“The mock-biographical element is entertainingly well handled by writer/director Victoria Gartner”

The Daily Telegraph


“The most poignant reminder of the power of Shakespeare, the need for story telling, and the necessity of human connection.” Michelle Terry, Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe

“The best evening of my year.” Robert, audience

Pictures credits: Mark Woodward, Sean O'Connor, Cam Harle, Carlotta Cardana, Rii Schroer, Cam Harle.

Cast & Creatives


Writer & Director Victoria Gartner

Executive Producer Charlie Mackellar

Associate Producers Tim Atkinson | Jack Spencer | Katherine Moran

Scotland Promoter 2021 Erin Rooney Midlands Promoter 2020 Hannah Elsy

Press Beatrice Lawrence
Assistant Directors Runa Augdal & Aaron Blackledge

Godmother Dame Helen Mirren

As the Bard Adam Morgan | Alice Merivale | Alix Dunmore | Arron Greechan | Brigid Lohrey | Caroline Mathison | Christopher Commander | Hannah Young | Henry Charnock | Honey Gabriel | Jonathan Blakeley | Kate Roche | Kaya Bucholc | Kit McGuire | Luke Farrugia | Rosanna Turner | Rupert Sadler | Sulin Hasso | Will Harrison-Wallace

Special thanks to All the Bards, Gabrielle O'Connor, Jon Dollin, Dominic Cavendish, Sandy Campbell

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