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Judith & Hamnet

Judith & Hamnet is a project that was co-written, co-directed and co-performed with artist Sam Veck. It premiered at the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival and toured at the Theater tri-bühne, Stuttgart, Germany in 2018.

This deeply emotional piece fused together poetry, comedy and dance, with mystery, fantasy and hard reality. The play follows the tale of Judith and Hamnet as they battle against the unfair world they’re thrown in. They are not only Shakespeare’s twins, but are also the children of the most famous writer in the history of the world, and they are trying to help each other carry the legacy that comes with that title. However, they are also just kids learning to deal with life, death and grief.

“Grandiose” Stuttgarter Zeitung


“A deeply moving, brilliantly acted, and aesthetically focused play” Prof. Kevin Curran, Director of the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival

Pictures credits: Noé Ciompi

Cast & Creatives


Written, Directed & Performed by Sam Veck & Victoria Gartner

Artistic Consultants Edy Ceppi & Noémy Menyhart

Trailer Noé Ciompi

Special thanks to Florence Rivero, Kevin Curran, and Edith Koerber

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