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The Hobbit

In 2014, Victoria adapted the beloved novel by J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, for the stage with Daniel Gardini and directed the production at the Theatre CPO for The Village Players of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Bilbo Baggins is a quiet, sensible fellow who has no use for adventures. Nasty business! - they make you late for dinner. Until, one fine morning in May, when the wizard Gandalf crosses his path and is determined to send him away with a company of dwarves on a quest for dragon-guarded gold. During this epic journey, he will not only discover quite unexpected things about himself, but he will also learn the value of friendship, bravery and mercy.

“19 actors, fantastic fights, beautiful songs and an enchanting atmosphere characteristic of Tolkien's universe ... rediscover the legendary adventures of The Hobbit in a truly unusual way. Simply unmissable.”

Pictures credits: Julien James Auzan

Cast & Creatives


Adaptation Victoria Gartner & Daniel Gardini

Directed by Victoria Gartner

Produced by The Village Players of Lausanne

Tech Leo Garcia, Ian Griffiths

Set Melissa Allcock

Stage Manager Florence Rivero


Bilbo Baggins Chris Hemmens Gandalf John McKillop Thorin Oakenshield Loïc Regolatti Balin Jacqueline Caunt J. R. R. Tolkien, Great Goblin Colin Gamage Narrators Emma Coudene & Lucia Volpe Dwalin, Gollum Daniel Gardini Kili Aurélien Barakat Fili, Elrond Steve Neithardt Gloin, Bard Vincent Duffau Bombur Erih Ahmetaj Oin Jean-Gaël Diserens The Elven Queen Arahealdis Alice Caunt Bertha the Troll Saskia Faulk Thelma the Troll, the voice of Smaug the Dragon and Dain Heather Gavin Willa the Troll Sarah Elisabeth Heasman Goblin, Elf Artemis Faulk-Antonakis &
Athena Faulk-Antonakis


Special thanks to Edy Ceppi, The Greisinger Museum, Middle Earth Enterprises

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