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Verona, or What Happens After Romeo and Juliet was produced at the Theater Tri-Bühne, Stuttgart in Germany in Winter 2019.

Since "the Sun for sorrow will not show his head" by the end of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, the play starts as a permanent eclipse has established itself over the city. The people of Verona have to find a way to heal and rebuild together. Verona was commissioned to be translated from English to German and produced by the Theater Tri-bühne.

Pictures credits: Michael Schill

Cast & Creatives


Costumes Renáta Balogh Music Sebastian Huber Movement Sam Veck Set Building Steven Crane Assistant Director Florian Dehmel Translation Clelia Walter, Steven Crane, Stephan Kirchknopf

As Lady Capulet, the Apothecary Natascha Beniashvili-Zhed William Shakespeare, Benvolio Sebastian Huber The Nurse, Livia, the Apothecary Susan Ihlenfeld The Prince, The Sculptor Melchior Morger Rosaline, the Apothecary Magdalena Pohlus Valentine, Richard Burbage Manoel Vinicius Tavares da Silva The Friar, Balthazar Christian Werner

Special thanks to Edith Koerbler, the Swiss Author's Society

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